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The Central European Research Centre Ltd was established in 2010. The company is 100% Hungarian-owned and the activities include research and development, science communication and project creation. Our goal is to help our partners achieving successful project development through our professional and technological competencies, our extensive national and international networks and our experience in the field of innovation.


Concept validation
Validation is the first step for every innovative idea which is necessary before any development can commence. Our company undertakes the survey of competitive products and services and most importantly analyses the potential target market of the product to be developed taking into consideration the future trends and directions.

Engineering design
Our company undertakes the design of custom machines, parts and other special structures using AutoCAD and Adobe software products.
Prototype construction
Within our projects we undertake the manufacturing of custom parts (3D printing, CNC) and the complete assembly of the prototypes. We also carry out testing and validation on the developed systems.
Testing and Piloting
We undertake the planning, execution and documentation of laboratory tests using the competences of our Labs. For these experiments we use our own facilities, but if required we have contractual partners (private research labs and universities) with infrastructure we can mobilize.


Project development
  • Trend analisis (horizon scanning)
  • Concept generation
  • Patent search
  • State of the Art reviews
  • IPR related issues
  • Market research
  • Business planning
  • Competitor Analysis
Horizon 2020
Research Innovation Action 
Innovation Action
Fast Track to Innovation Pilot
SME Instrument
Capital Investment
Intergovermental capital founds
Our portfolio also includes management services where we can offer complete project management and coordination of privately funded projects as well as those projects funded by the European Commission or by other means. In case of projects involving a consortium, we take responsibility for the partner search as well as the coordination and management of the resulting tasks.
The target of our communication services is to help our partners’ successful realizing of their projects with our current competences beyond the strictly interpreted research activities. The specialty of our services offered on this subject is that they have been developed especially for the members of the current and future scientific world. Within this framework we offer complete communications packages and consulting services for innovative companies, universities, technology transfer offices, independent research companies and centres and such businesses that are involved or wish to participate in subsidized or privately funding research and development projects. With such, we are able to help the successful implementation of the project from the very first idea of the project to the emergence of the spin-off stage.

CERC PowderLab

The CERC Powder Lab group was set up for the research of powder materials especially focusing on the handling and deposition of powders requiring extreme accuracy with respect to quantity and positioning. The Powder Lab also deals with the development of custom rheology and fluid processes. One of our main research area is the manipulation of nano sized powders.


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CERC CompuLab

In this topic the objective of the CERC Compu Lab is to satisfy the demand of different and unique hardware and software development. With our services we have primarily addressed the communications sector, the telecommunications sector, remote-monitoring sector and the machinery sector. We base these services to the following competencies of our company.


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Our company is fresh and dynamic and we are constantly looking for similar people to join our team. We are a Hungarian owned research center and we offer excellent development potential, modern and innovative working environment and competitive salaries.


Innovation manager
Business developer
For a complete job description and our minimal requirements please contact us or send us your CV.