the Image and CompuLab

In this topic the objective of the CERC Image and CompuLab is to satisfy the demand of different and unique hardware and software development. With our services we have primarily addressed the media sector, the pharmaceutical sector, the communications and telecommunications sector, remote-monitoring sector and the machinery sector. We base these services to the following competencies of our company:
  • Programming languages: C, C + +, Python, PLSQL, Java and Objective-C
  • Protocols: COBRA? XMLRPC? JSON-RPC
  • Database operating technologies: Oracle, MySQL, DB2
  • Technologies: ILOG Rules, CORBA (Orbacus, OmniORB), SNMP. NET, AJAX, CSS, HTML5
  • Automatic test systems: unittest
  • Version control systems: CVS, SVN, Visual SourceSafe
  • UML tools: Select Enterprise
  • GUI improvements: Delphi, Visual Studio, MFC, wxWidgets
  • Socket and Multthreating programming
  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows, “vmware” leopard

Human resources of

the Image and CompuLab

Mr.Gyula János Loós

who is the head of the department has a software engineer‐mathematician degree at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. He has 15 years of experience in software development, mainly in automated monitoring systems, Domino systems, process control systems and Opten systems. As the head of the Image and CompuLab, he has a deep knowledge in numbers of program languages (C/C++, Python, SQL, Borland, Pascal/Delphi, Basic), GUI development.

Mr.Norbert Perness

has several degrees from the field of photography. His main degrees come from the Moholy‐Nagy University of Arts and Design, Visual Communication, as Photo Faculty and the University of Fine Arts as Teacher of Arts. He has a deep experience in the field of photography, and he has been involved several exhibitions, workshops and technological development projects.


Photo and computer graphics studio and laboratory
located in Budapest


Research and test laboratory
located in Budapest

Services of the THE IMAGE and COMPULAB

Development Of Image Processing Systems
Industrial Communication Solutions
Intelligent Decision Support Systems
Experimental Simulations
Automation Solutions
It Security Solutions

Current projects of the CompuLab

TRP – a novel and extremely safe and closed cloud based communication network for drug companies.

Main Clients Of
The Image And Compulab