the PowderLab


owderLab was organized to research and solve such special tasks of scientific and also industrial clients, which the ordinary powder handling technology is inappropriate to handle. The main scope of its investigations is the extremely small quantity powder dispensing with high accuracy, and also the deposition of small powder quantities onto well defined spatial locations. PowderLab’s research group developed unique technologies with micro-fluidization, vibration aided transport or electrostatic manipulation. Important area of the investigations at PowderLab is the application of nano-materials as inhibitor of the process or also as the subject of the transportation.

The company has significant results in digitally controlled manipulation of nano-particles, which is very important in analytical or pharmaceutical researches.  The micro and nano-scale powder research requires serious instrumentation both in construction the test systems and also in analyzing the results. These high value and precision equipments are available partly at PowderLab’s facilities and also at the academic partners as College of Dunaujvaros.

Human resources of the PowderLab

Albert Kocsis, PhD
head of the department

Mechanical engineer specialized in precise mechanical engineering. His doctor theses were the investigation and application of nano-scale positioning systems. His main research area is the nano scale liquid and solid material transport as dosing or deposition. Author of several patents in liquid or solid powder dispensing systems.

Denes Bulkai, PhD
senior scientific advisor

Dénes has a masters in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Budapest and also a PhD in analytical chemistry. He acquired a postgraduate degree in International Economic Relations, Budapest University of Economic Sciences and an Extra Mural Diploma in History, Birkbeck College, University of London. Amongst others he has worked for the EBRD and the World Bank.

Gusztáv Flórián
senior mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineer. Specialized in electric and mechatronic systems. Fellow researcher in the powder, and liquid transportation researches. Co- author of different patents.

Labs Of the PowderLab

Mechanical lab for test equipment construction
located in Budapest

Research and test laboratory
located in Budapest

Test laboratory
located in Dunaujváros

Services of the PowderLab

Powder manipulation research
Liquid dispensing research
Dosing system design
Powder or liquid micro coating
Digital control for nano scale dosing

Current projects of the PowderLab



BRAILLEJET – a novel powder based Braille printing solution

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